Emerging Artist 2022 Award Exhibition

Congratulations to the SCAF Emerging Artist Award Winner 2022 Jane Claire Wilson!

The SCAF Emerging Artist Award has been created to acknowledge up and coming artists of all ages who are living in the Yorkshire region. The intent of the award is to bring recognition and awareness to outstanding visual artists in the region who are at the early stages of their career and who have not yet established a reputation as an artist amongst art curators, buyers, critics and the general public.

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The theme for the SCAF EAA 2022 is SYNERGY. This subject idea was born out of the best rather than the worst of 2020, as in that year of stark contrasts, the very best came about through the cooperation and interaction of people, science, innovation and creativity. At another level we were given deeper insights into many of the synergistic relationships in nature e.g. the interaction and interdependency between fungi and trees. Synergy is an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts and you as the artist can interpret this in your work, use of materials, or in any way that this speaks to you as an artist.

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Dr Sue Armstrong
Dr Sue Armstrong

Artistic Director & Trustee of SCAF

Sue Armstrong is the Founder of the Scott Creative Arts Foundation and the current Artistic Director. Sue was a close friend of Michael and Eileen Scott and is dedicated to realising their wishes through the work of the Foundation. Providing support and encouragement to emerging artists was a major priority for the Scott’s and Sue is delighted to see the SCAF Award come to fruition. Sue Armstrong is the Founder of the Scott Creative Arts Foundation and the current Artistic Director.

Photo by Damian Bramley - DJB Photography

Jane Young, Curator of SCAF
Jane Young

Curator of SCAF

Jane has had the privilege to be a part of SCAF as the Gallery Curator since 2016, having met Michael Scott on a couple of occasions he gave her the inspiration and energy to work with the SCAF team to help create a Foundation that she hopes both he and Eileen would be proud of. Jane has a longterm passion for arts, wellbeing and through this connection continues to find ways to encourage and promote art and artists in the creative process.

Jill Tattersall

Mixed Media Artist, York

Three years ago Jill and her studio, The Wolf at the Door, moved from Brighton to York.  She hasn’t stopped making art since childhood, but originally earned her living as an academic specialising in medieval French literature with a particular interest in old maps and travel accounts.  Later she took courses in art, design and ceramics at her local college; her first solo exhibition soon followed.

Sophie Simpson

Winner of the Scott Creative Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award 2020/21

Sophie was born and raised in North Yorkshire and lives in the town of Harrogate where she currently works from her home studio. She takes inspiration from the colour of the sea and finds its many shades and variants tools for tranquillity and calming the mind.