The SCAF Emerging Artist Award has been created to acknowledge up and coming artists of all ages who are living in the Yorkshire region. The intent of the award is to bring recognition and awareness to outstanding visual artists in the region who are at the early stages of their career and who have not yet established a reputation as an artist amongst art curators, buyers, critics and the general public.

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The theme for the SCAF EAA 2022 is SYNERGY. This subject idea was born out of the best rather than the worst of 2020, as in that year of stark contrasts, the very best came about through the cooperation and interaction of people, science, innovation and creativity. At another level we were given deeper insights into many of the synergistic relationships in nature e.g. the interaction and interdependency between fungi and trees. Synergy is an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts and you as the artist can interpret this in your work, use of materials, or in any way that this speaks to you as an artist.

/ Finalists


Teddi Coutts

I had always expected that retirement would be the time when I could concentrate on, and develop my artwork, but retirement was always something that would happen in the future and I hadn’t thought through how it might work out in practice or made any plans other than laying in stocks of materials whenever funds permitted.

I had experimented with various media after leaving college, but only as an occasional hobby – trying sketching, watercolour painting, photography, pastels and acrylic. I visited exhibitions, studied artists and their work and built up a collection of art books to teach myself as much as I could. 

I use a range of printing techniques, including monoprint, drypoint, relief printing and collagraph and also experiment with digital photography, collage and painting. Although printmaking is my first love, I now work mostly in mixed media which offers endless opportunities to experiment in combinations of all the disciplines I have learnt.


Barbara Hellowell

In 2019 the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield opened a new gallery publicised in the local and national press. I am Artist in Residence at the theatre and my studio/workshop is an integral part of the gallery and my work is always on display in my studio.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in Art and while bringing up three children attended various Art classes. I finally realised after taking an Access course at Huddersfield Art and Design College in 2003 that even at my time of life (now with family grown up) that I had the opportunity to start learning to be an Artist.

The Access course which included Art History, Painting, Drawing, Printing, Sculpture and Ceramics gave me a rounded knowledge of the different Art mediums and grew my knowledge enough to take a foundation course the following year. Much to my surprise and delight, a year later I found myself enjoying a Contemporary Art Practice degree at Leeds University.

I qualified in July 2007 with a BA(Hons) 1st class degree.


Russell Hughes

Russell Hughes is a York-based artist and printmaker.

He is inspired by the characteristics of public and private spaces in which we live our lives, particularly when considered in the context of social and political issues. His practice is analytical in nature, often involving creating data to record experiences, for example by GPS recording of movement or by measurement of surfaces and objects.

Printmaking is his primary media for exploring and developing colour, shape and pattern generated from data and research. Russell’s printmaking practice includes collagraphs, monoprints and screenprints. His work appears abstract but contains visual references to the subject matter. Russell left his previous career in 2015 to study the Access Art course at York College followed by an MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University.

Russell has exhibited in group shows, print fairs and galleries. In 2021 he was commissioned to produce artwork for the NHS facility within York Community Stadium. He is a member of York Printmakers.


Jane Claire Wilson

My background is in Early Years Education as a Teacher and Advisor. Throughout this career I actively promoted creativity in the classroom and ran after school art clubs and activities.

I have always attended community based evening classes and workshops in order to learn new skills and often shared my own skills with youth groups.

In 2015 I attended an Access to Art and Design Course at York College where I was introduced to a wide range of media as well as the processes of research and experimentation in order to create a final piece of art. I realised that my life long interest in creating textile based work was a contemporary art form I could explore further. The positive experience also provided me with the confidence to change careers. I began to teach more art groups, for example devising and facilitating a year long programme of art workshops for children with disabilities.

 By 2018 I realised I was keen to develop my artistic practice further and enrolled for an MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University where I researched How creating a sense of place in a creative practice engages audiences and makers in social, political and global discussions.

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